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We attended the Leash Manners class of Marie. Marie sees very well how to improve yourself. Esta stays much more in contact with me during walking! We loved it! Certainly we go to another class of hers!

Leash Manners Class

 I really enjoyed taking Fern to Marie’s class. I had never done clicker training before but Marie made it easy for both me and Fern to learn. It was empowering to see how much joy structured training brought to Fern’s day.  She gave us homework for each week and it really helped me get in the habit of daily training. Her class has empowered me in training Fern, I feel more intentional in my interactions with Fern, and our relationship has deepened as a result. Thank you Marie, I am glad we made the drive each week from Houston!

-Elise Gilman

Basic Manners Class

Marie is a wonderful trainer.  She is patient with both owners and dogs.  I really appreciated her style of training.  It emphasized real life situations that dogs might encounter and how to make them confident in handling them.  For example, she had mobility devices for the dogs to sniff and be treated so they would be comfortable around wheelchairs and walkers, etc.  Her hints were very helpful and her facility was top notch.  Give her a try, you will not be disappointed!!


Puppy Class

This was the best class I’ve ever attended with my dog. Marie is an excellent instructor, giving quick feedback and clear instructions. My dog has progressed beyond my expectations. Do the homework and you won’t be disappointed!
-Kerri F.

Leash Manners Class

There is only one word to describe your training skills, “AWESOME”. My husband and I simply could not believe that in just a few home training sessions you had taught Finnian sit, down, come, eye contact, touch my hand, place, wait, and touch the bell to signal he wanted to go outside. We also appreciated the puppy raising tips and ways to stimulate him mentally. You just have a natural way of interacting with dogs as evidenced by the way Finnian would rush to greet you with his exhuberant puppy glee upon your arrival. I highly recommend you.
- Ginny B.

Puppy Class

Saturday morning, my husband got in his pickup and started backing out the drive way to go to the store. Jackson, out 7 month old puppy, followed him out the open gate and was circling behind the truck. I yelled to Glenn but he couldn’t hear me over the roar of the engine. Our training from Marie’s puppy class kicked in and I put my hand down, calling, “Here Jackson! Touch!” He came to me, touched my hand and I was able to grab his collar. Thank you, thank you Marie. Without your effective training of both Jackson and me this story might have had a very different ending.

Bebs C.

Puppy Class

We just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Sadie, she is doing great! She is no longer peeing on the floor and she’s even licking Ronnie’s hand when she has to go out now. Her other behaviors have also been curbed, and the cats are even coming out of the room and joining the family. We are working really hard to not leave things out on the counter! She really is a sweet dog!
- Kathy L.

Marie is just a natural at training dogs (and their owners). My nine year old daugher and I lacked direction with our two new puppies. Marie worked well with both of us as well as was a wealth of helpful information to make us realize we could in fact mold our fabulous new puppies into our lifestyle. They are well on their way to being well mannered dogs.
- Eleanor W.

Puppy Class

I’ve taken many dog classes from many different trainers, and have put different titles on various dogs I’ve owned. Until Savvy and I took Marie’s Fun Dog class, I didn’t really believe that clicker training was effective in teaching precise, competitive skills. Marie made me a believer. I think that Marie is the best all around trainer I have ever taken a class from, and I’’ve taken many. Marie is very good with the dogs and the people (unusual in dog trainers) and is willing to explain the “why” of everything she does. I recommend her highly.
- Roberta McClure

Savvy CGC, Kachina FGCh30K, and Cody JH CD Rare Breed BIS Westerlea’s Tippy Micmac CA and Club CD and Club Specialty HIT, Aspen Gold’s Magic Marker both waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

Bella has received 2 compliments this week on how much more calm she is by my husband and neighborhood friend. Also, she ran out the door today which hasn’t happened in a long time. However she made it halfway down our walkway before she acknowledged my calling her. She stood there hackles raised over barking dogs across street then looked back at me again. She was very torn but came back to the house without me having to chase her down the street as she lopes across everyone’s yard. Talk about an A-Haa moment. She got homemade bbq chicken and lots of love. My husband’s compliment was that that was a very worthwile class that paid off. Hoping to see you in the new year.
- Bree Beller

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