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Happy Dogs & Happy Owners Happen Here

Hello and welcome to The Fundamental Dog, where we are dedicated to helping dogs and their people build relationships based on trust and understanding.

At The Fundamental Dog, you and your dog will discover how much fun training can be – for both ends of the leash. Even troubling behavior issues can be addressed with positive dog training. Whether you’re looking for obedience training, puppy classes, or behavior modification, we’re here to help – at our place or yours.

Our Team of Instructors

Marie Devaney Conyers

Owner and Trainer

My goal for The Fundamental Dog is to improve the lives of dogs and their people, with compassion for both. For over 20 years, I’ve studied with leading experts in positive-reinforcement dog training, and I find great joy in sharing that knowledge with others.

As a volunteer with two national rescue groups (first Aussies, then Springers), I’ve fostered well over one hundred dogs – and they have been my best teachers! I’ve also taught dogs in shelters, provided training to shelter adopters and volunteers, and counseled foster parents and adopters around the country. We have been offering group classes and private training at our training studio near The Woodlands since 2011.

As a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, I completed an intensive education and was required to demonstrate a high level of skill in training dogs as well as teaching dog owners. This certification requires ongoing review of my work and annual continuing education. I’m also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


Puppy & Basic Classes

Laura is currently on an international assignment with her family and we look forward to her return.

Laura is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior and Training. She has worked as a veterinary technician in both a US Army Veterinary Treatment Facility and a county animal shelter. Laura has fostered dozens of dogs in her home (learning from each experience!) and has been a volunteer with Abandoned Animal Rescue in Tomball.

Laura lives in Cypress with her husband and two children, dogs Ella and Henry, a cat named Peanut, and a rat named Fauna. Laura loves meeting new people and dogs in her classes at The Fundamental Dog. She speaks French and German.

Judy Walter

Agility, Tricks, Flyball
Judy has been involved in flyball since 1999, achieving the Flyball Grand Champion (FGDCh) title with three dogs! She has also received Flyball Master (FM) with one dog.

Judy has also been training for agility since 2000, and has numerous agility titles with her dogs, including ADCh Platinum, MACh2, and Lifetime Achievement Gold.

All of Judy’s dogs are personal rescues or rescues adopted from Border Collie Rescue Texas. Judy is a sensitive, observant and kind trainer who believes totally in positive reinforcement training. Judy lives in Tomball with her four dogs and frequently, a foster dog or two.


Puppy, Basic,Canine Good Citizen, Conformation 

Eileen is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior and Training, and is currently enrolled in the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) program offered by the University of Tennessee. Over the last 25 years, Eileen has participated in obedience, rally, agility, working pack dog, dock diving, tracking, herding, and conformation with her Siberian Huskies, Aussies and Rottweilers.  She is involved in breed rescue as a foster home and trainer. 

Eileen has been showing dogs in conformation for 14 years.  Her 1stchampion show dog made it to the AKC Top Ten. Eileen enjoys helping  the novice owner succeed. She lives in Magnolia with a mix of young and senior dogs.  All loved and spoiled equally.


Laura Pike

Quick Start Puppy, Basic Manners

Laura first started gaining experience with animals when she shadowed a veterinarian during high school. By vet referral, Laura found The Fundamental Dog two years ago and has been working under Marie ever since.

After high school, Laura graduated from The Academy for Dog Trainers and received her Certification in Training and Counseling. By going through the program, Laura developed an interest in fear, aggression, and separation anxiety cases. This inspired Laura to return to school in hopes of eventually becoming board-certified as a veterinary behaviorist. Laura is currently a full-time student at Unity College earning her bachelor’s degree in animal health and behavior and a part-time student at Lone Star College earning her prerequisites to veterinary school. Laura has also graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy Professional course and received her KPA-Certified Training Partner. Laura is continuing her dog training education by attending Victoria Stilwell Academy-Certified Dog Trainer-Online certification.


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Positive Reinforcement
You want to learn and use positive reinforcement methods
Compassionate Trainer
You want a trainer who will teach with compassion for you and for your dog

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