RudyFlowersLike many of you, I grew up with dogs and loved them all dearly. In 1996, I met an English Springer Spaniel at the Humane Society of Montgomery County, TX. He stole my heart in an instant.

Rudy was young and energetic, with a great spirit and personality, which more than made up for his lack of house manners. Determined that this dog would be well trained, I set off with a book, a leash, and a choke chain to teach him some commands. We weren’t very successful. Rudy didn’t seem to like it, and neither did I. Was Rudy somehow deficient? Was I simply incompetent? There was so much I didn’t know.

Thank goodness we took a class with Tracy Waterfallen, who suggested we try clicker training. A whole new world opened up for Rudy and for me! No more corrections. Gone was the choke chain. We were working together, having fun, and succeeding without force or conflict.

My goal with The Fundamental Dog is for you and your dog to have as much fun as Rudy and I had for the next ten years – by discovering a way to communicate, a way of learning together in a joyous partnership.

This website is dedicated to the memory of one very special English Springer Spaniel and the legacy he has left for me to share with you.

Texess Heart of A Champion, CGC
1996 – 6/23/07